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Production Process

Production Process

As we have adequate machine park and the dyeing machines are HT, it is possible to dye,print and finish all kinds of fiber knitted fabrics.

The fact that the water treatment unit is modern and it operates with reverse osmosis system makes it possible for the colours to be brighter,for the fabrics to be cleaner; it increases the chances to redye the fabrics and it also ensures to minimize the boiler differences.

The use of tube sanfor,open width sanfor and sanfor with mat and rubber give garments and other products made from the fabrics we produce unshrinkability and brightness during the usage and washing.

At our factory,working with emzyme and scouring fabrics increase the the traits of anti-pilling of the fabrics. Tube printing, rotary screen printing and availability of flim druck printing machines gives us the opportunity to print patterns of different width, on various fabrics,of different repeat lengths.Rotary,tube and film druck printing offers a wide range of working opportunity.Pigment printing,reactive printing and disperse printing bring out challenging results.